Southeast Section Council

Chair: Martha Cross, AICP, PP, LEED-AP

Vice Chair: Justin Dula, AICP

Secretary: Nicole Hostettler, AICP, PP, LEED Green Associate

Treasurer: Richard Collier, Jr., AICP, PP

Immediate Past Section Chair: Graciela Cavicchia, AICP

PA Chapter President: Brian O’Leary, AICP

Citizen Planners:
Angie Dixon, AICP
Peter McDermott
Cheryl Tumola

At-Large Members:
Jeffrey Barg (webmaster)
Ronald K. Bednar, AICP
Jeannette Brugger, AICP
John Federico, AICP, PP, PE
Abigail Poses
David Ward, AICP
Alexis Williams, AICP

Board Advisors:
Christina Arlt, AICP
Susan Elks, AICP
Charles L. Guttenplan, AICP
Joseph F. Luste, PP, PhD
Kate Meade, AICP
Doug Robbins, AICP, PP

Student Representatives:
Steve Boucher (Temple)
Tali Cantor (Penn)
Elizabeth Drumm (Penn)
Lanzi Li (Penn)


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One comment

  1. Heather Rose says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am an enviro. professional with a strong interest in land use in Delaware County. I also have served as a municipal planning commissioner in Chester County. I want to network with all of you and meet you soon. Please put me on your e-mail list of events and happenings. Best,

    Heather Rose

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