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Borough of Lansdowne

The Borough of Lansdowne is hiring one to two Code Enforcement staff / officer(s).  The position(s) calls for individuals capable of performing both in the field and administrative tasks. The day-to-day activity requires the skills of a self-starter who desires both a learning opportunity and an opportunity to grow professionally while assisting in the management of a relatively urbanized older and dense suburban municipality. The Lansdowne Code Department is a great place to learn and have impact in a wide range of Borough activities including zoning, construction, public works, planning, architecture and technology. The successful applicant will have experience and interest in operating within these disciplines, and will express a desire to work within a diverse population, and possess superior customer service skills.

The Borough of Lansdowne is a 1.2 square mile town just outside Philadelphia proper and 15 minutes by train to downtown Philadelphia.  Lansdowne is a municipality working to take advantage of its opportunities and manage its challenges as a fully developed community. The Borough Code Enforcement Department is at the center of these activities.

To be considered for this position applicants should have experience and/or degree in urban planning, architecture, the construction trades, property and building maintenance, and be adept at working basic technology applicable within these fields.

Interested applicants may submit a cover letter and resume to:

Job Position Summary

Under the general direction of a supervisor, performs work involving inspection and enforcement of applicable ordinances pertaining to housing, building construction, environmental codes, zoning, land use, solid waste facilities, signage, health and safety, and related code enforcement regulations.

There are two class levels in the Code Enforcement series. Code Enforcement Inspector I and Code Enforcement Inspector II. The latter is responsible for the more complex inspections and activities and requires certifications or the securing of certifications with a limited period of time.

Both positions I and II will report to a Director, Zoning and Code Enforcement.



(These qualifications are minimums and required. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.)

Education and Experience

  • Code Enforcement Inspector I:  Completion of High school diploma, two (2) years of undergraduate course work from an accredited college or university (equivalent to 60 semester units) and two (2) years of relevant work experience such as experience in the architecture, building construction trades


  • Code Enforcement Inspector II: Two (2) years of undergraduate course work from an accredited college or university (equivalent to 60 semester units) and two (2) years of experience performing code enforcement, building, housing inspections or currently holding state required   ICC certifications in any building construction inspection discipline.


Required Licensing (such as driver’s license, certifications, etc.)

  • Possession of a valid driver’s license authorizing operation of a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania.
  • Possession of ICC Certifications or the ability to obtain certification within 6 months of employment.

Other Qualifications

Necessary Basic Competencies

  • Knowledge of business English, spelling, grammar, and basic report writing.
  • Ability to read sufficiently to comprehend applicable ordinances, codes, laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Ability to perform routine arithmetic calculations.
  • Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to persuade compliance by expressing oneself clearly, forcefully, and accurately.
  • Ability to perform routine inspection, investigation, and enforcement of applicable codes and ordinances of an environmental, zoning, housing, building construction, land use, and sign enforcement nature.
  • Ability to gather information in an organized manner and weigh facts against applicable laws, rules, and regulations and draw proper conclusions concerning questions and facts.
  • Ability to routinely operate standard machines and equipment used on the job.
  • Ability to deal successfully with a variety of individuals and other entities, including citizens, business owners, homeowner groups, city, county, and state offices and special districts.

Desirable Qualifications

  • Knowledge of State and local government organizations, functions and procedures pertaining to regulations and services in the fields of housing, building, zoning issues.
  • Knowledge of the Property Maintenance Code, the Uniform Building Code as required by the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Knowledge ICC Codes and the National Electric Code as needed.
  • Ability to perform routine arithmetic calculations.
  • Ability to perform difficult investigations and inspections and to take appropriate enforcement action with conclusive results.
  • Ability to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the Code Department by being conscientious and professional in assigned work and relationships with staff and clients.


Typical Duties: (These duties and estimated frequency are a representative sample; position assignments may vary depending on the business needs of the department.)  Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Performs inspections and complaint investigations involving single-family and multiple dwelling and other related facilities. Continuous
2. Participates in investigation and enforcement of codes, zoning, land use, sign regulations and other applicable state, federal and municipal codes, laws, rules and regulations as assigned. Continuous
3. Participates in the inspection and enforcement of Commercial Building codes for construction permits and complaints. Continuous
4. Ascertains and gathers facts related to applicable ordinances, codes, laws, rules and regulations and determines and institutes proper action to be taken. Continuous
5. Explains, interprets and makes presentations of ordinances, codes, laws, rules and regulations to citizens and groups, agencies, businesses, and other entities. Frequent
6. Issues citations on misdemeanors and code infractions. Researches and prepares cases for prosecution and testifies in court. Frequent
7. Conducts various surveys to determine a variety of code enforcement data and related information. Occasional
8. Prepares reports and correspondence for review and approval by supervisor. Occasional
9. Evaluates housing conditions and performs condemnation proceedings when necessary. Occasional
10. Performs other duties of a similar nature or level. As Required

*Frequency defined as a %, (totaling 100%)

“Continuous” (daily or approximately 20%+)

“Frequent” (weekly or approximately 15%+)

“Occasional” (monthly or approximately 10%+)

“As Required”(Intermittent or 5% or less)

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