Environmental Planner

Montgomery County Planning Commission

The Montgomery County Planning Commission is hiring an Environmental Planner. For the full job announcement, and to apply online, visit their website.


SUMMARY:  This position requires the individual to be proficient in the terminology and application of the technical and political processes concerned with the use of land, public welfare, and the design of the natural and built environment in general.  The applicant should also possess specific knowledge/experience with the various aspects of environmental planning (stormwater, sewage and water facilities, sustainability, etc.).


  • Review  Planning Modules for land development
  • Work cooperatively with other staff, general public, and local officials
  • Manage multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and organize information

SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES in addition to all of the above shall include some combination of the following dependent upon stated position:

  • Assist in implementing the requirements of the county MS4 permit
  • Author and produce planning documents such as, but not limited to, watershed studies, technical memos, and assessment reports
  • Have technical knowledge in land use, open space, environmental, demographics, landscape design, zoning, planning law, and related subjects
  • Program management such as, but not limited to, farmland preservation, open space, or watershed-based planning
  • Practical knowledge of sewage, water and stormwater facilities
  • Grant writing

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